Ode to Sue

Here’s a poem that I wrote to my older sister, Sue, back in December 1977. The sentiments are still true today and I want to share them after spending the last five days with Sue as we worked through some health issues with our mother.

Ode to Sue

Although she started life before me
And grew up before I came to know her
She means an awful lot to me
Which this poem ought to show her.

We’ve had our ups, we’ve had our downs
And somehow passed our eighteens,
It wasn’t easy, there were frowns,
Was it something in the genes?

Our aspirations lay in different spheres,
Hers in the art of mother and wife
Raising kids with minimal fears
Leading a relatively normal life.

As I walk down the lonesome road
As my career looms before me,
It helps to lighten the load,
Knowing my big sister’s behind me.

This picture is from about 1959. I’m the towhead on the left (am back to being a towhead today!), my next older sister Pat is in the middle, and the oldest sister Sue is on the right. Love our matching outfits!

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